Hello, I’m Doğukan. I am an AI researcher, cloud and edge infrastructure engineer, aspiring science writer. Who is extremely fascinate by science, technology, books, and art. My areas of interest fundamentally lies at the interface between AI engineering, cloud/edge computing, and systems engineering where I research new compute engines, software kernels, APIs, and models. I really like working with C++, TypeScript, Python and developing/testing new platforms and tools. Focusing on infrastructure technologies, Google Cloud Platform artefacts like AI Platform, Dataproc/Dataflow, Kubernetes Engine, Edge TPU, and Google Cloud Shell. Currently, working on making the cybertechnology symbiotic with systems for the future. That can unlock the potential of real-world problems & exploit hidden approaches for technological innovation. I believe research is key. Also, solving real-world issues vital for our future… and requires cutting-edge approaches.

Before switching my area to systems engineering, professionally worked as a backend software engineer for about ≈4 years with a small team that provides R&D and deployment solutions for companies and startups. In this direction, I’ve helped 15+ companies all over the industry. I’ve worked on infrastructures that reach millions of people. Took role in various IBM, Microsoft Research, UNDP projects voluntarily. I managed an AI community that reach hundreds of thousands of people. As of last year, I have been working as a project team lead and software consultant at QWorld and QTurkey network where we have been conducting research and training programs (esp. for students/enthusiasts) related to quantum software technologies. Now, I am working full-time as a platform engineer at an early-stage AI startup while continuing my roles in networks above.

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